Radically Reduce Manual Provider Data Correction 

Data Cleansing Services for the
Healthcare Industry

TPAs, PPOs, Health Plans, Workers Comp

Healthcare Payers all run into the same problem during the adjudication process – a daunting amount of medical provider data errors that must be manually researched and corrected. This work is time-consuming and costly, often pulling your team away from other tasks.

BASELoad provides solutions that can reduce medical provider data errors to as low as 1%. This radical improvement in adjudication creates a much more efficient process for payers. 

Average mistakes on 837 claims/bills files

Provider information on claims – missing or inaccurate30%
NPI Type I Type II incorrect10%
Missing phone numbers20%
Missing fax numbers90%
Undeliverable addresses7%
Incorrect / Transposed Tax Identification numbers5%
Incorrect facility / physician identifiers5%
Newly introduce provider records22%

Healthcare Data Solutions

For twenty years, BASELoad has provided innovative solutions in healthcare data matching and corrections. Compiled from over 500 sources, our data contains millions of clean records including federal, state, PPO, and claims data. Our systems are built on a proven weighted scoring method ensuring data accuracy. Both the data and the system are constantly updated for increased matching and correction performance. And best of all, our impeccable customer service guarantees a satisfied client every time.

Unparalleled Database of Healthcare Data

Tested, Industry-Leading System and Process

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Our Signature Adjudication Solution

SureHit is a solution that matches and corrects medical provider data
as part of the adjudication process for TPAs, PPOs, Health Plans, and Workers Comp.