BASELoad provides useful tools and custom solutions in Medical Provider Data.

Custom Medical Provider
Data Solutions

BASELoad is the market innovator in Medical Provider Data Solutions. We utilize our data, our custom developed technologies, our proprietary processes, and our dedication to excellent customer service to serve Healthcare Payers that rely on Medical Provider Data.  Our solutions have radical positive impact on time, headache, and cost savings for both adjudication and IRS filings. We provide a list of service options in this area of focus.

All PPO Provider data merged into a single file. It is our job to put the data into your uploadable format.

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    PPO Maintenance

    Clean and verify your medical provider data, which minimizes fines associated with posting incorrect provider information. The service is also great for provider steerage and for adding leased networks to your claims system.

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      Fee Schedule

      Medical and Dental Providers may have multiple fee schedules and be associated with multiple healthcare plans. Our Fee Schedule Maintenance will upload millions of CPT or ADA codes into your system allowing you to reprice claims in-house.

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        Improve your data by adding a unique identifier key to incoming provider records pointing to correct claims data to ensure accurate payment.

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          Reformat your provider database to easily transfer data from one system to another without losing claims history and provider records.

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            iLook Up

            Use our medical provider data lookup tool online and find whatever you’re looking for. Do your own look ups or send us a list to look up for you.

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              Batch Look Up

              Send us a list of medical providers that you need data for, and we will send you back a robust and accurate data set for each provider.

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                The cost of manual intervention due to data errors can really add up.

                $2.50 per employee per month or $5.00 per call
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