Correct 100% of your healthcare provider 1099s prior to submitting to the IRS. Avoid fines and unnecessary labor costs.

We are the innovator and original creator of the 1099 solution!

1099 Corrections provides a medical provider data solution to healthcare payers allowing them to easily and accurately file 1099s with the IRS. We’ve created an exclusive proactive solution which allows you to send the IRS accurate information and stay up to date on ever-changing IRS guidelines. Accuracy avoids fines and significantly reduces costs in labor and mailings.

Additionally, 1099 Corrections establishes procedures that are defined as reasonable cause by the IRS, allowing payers to request the IRS waive any fines that are assessed due to TIN/Name mismatches.

No client of our 1099 Corrections solution has ever had to pay a penalty from the IRS. We take great pride in our solutions and in our service. Fill out this form to get in touch so we can help you determine whether our solutions are right for you.

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    1099 Corrections

    Our 1099 Corrections solution for TPAs, PPOs, Workers Comp, and Health Plan Payers, allows them to easily file accurate medical provider 1099s with the IRS. Our solution is a mix of personal service, proven process, and the leveraging of large amounts of medical provider data, gathered over 25 years and regularly vetted for accuracy.

    Some questions to consider include:

    • How many Unique Tax Ids did you create 1099s for last year?
    • How many errors were on last year’s CP2100 report?
    • How many employees are spending how much of their time on the 1099 process?
    • Do you handle W-9s and 1099s throughout the year or wait and do it all at once before the deadline?
    • Do you have issues with invalid TIN/Legal Name combinations?
    • Do you have issues with receiving incomplete and/or incorrect W-9s?
    • Do you have issues with invalid addresses or returned mail?
    • Do you Hold claims until you receive a W-9?
    • Have you ever paid a penalty to the IRS for 1099s?
    • Do you have procedures defined as reasonable cause by the IRS?
    • What do you estimate your total cost of W-9 and 1099 handling and filing is on an annual basis?

    Avoid Fines from the IRS

    Meet Reasonable Cause Criteria

    Significant Cost Savings in Labor Costs

    Proactive To Changing Guidelines

    Readily Available Customer Service

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    Features & Benefits

    • Free analysis of last year’s tax file
    • All data managed and stored in the US
    • Proactively updated throughout the year
    • 99+% accuracy
    • Eliminate potential of IRS penalties
    • Soc2 Type II Certified