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Auto Adjudication

SureHit — our signature solution — matches and corrects medical provider data as part of the adjudication process for TPAs, PPOs, Health Plans, and other Healthcare Payers.

What To Expect

If you represent a TPA, PPO, or Health Plan, please feel free to download our SureHit overview and implementation guide. SureHit is truly the standard in the industry.

Just fill out this form to request the document What to Expect: A Simple Overview of the SureHit Medical Provider Data Solution, and feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts you may have.

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What to Expect: A Simple Overview of the SureHit Medical Provider Data Solution


    Radically Improve EDI Adjudication through Medical Provider Data Matching & Corrections

    What Is SureHit?

    SureHit is a unique combination of services, technology, and data that serve to match and correct medical provider data for TPAs, PPOs, Health Plans, and Workers Comp during the electronic adjudication process.

    What Does It Do?

    SureHit improves the efficiency of healthcare payer adjudication by matching, correcting, and fulfilling medical provider data automatically, reducing items in the “provider not found” error queue to as low as 1%.

    How Difficult is Implementation?

    While implementation does require your attention, it is surprisingly simple. It takes only weeks to be fully implemented. Check out our implementation guide titled What to Expect: A Simple Overview of the SureHit Medical Provider Data Solution.

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    Features & Benefits

    BASELoad, Inc.

    • Soc2 Type II Certified
    • 24/7 customer service with a real person
    • All data managed and stored in the US

    Our SureHit Solution

    • Up to 99% provider data accuracy
    • Completely customizable for client needs
    • Reduce operating expenses on day one

    TPAs, PPOs, Health Plans, Workers Comp

    Healthcare Payers all run into the same problem during the adjudication process – a daunting amount of medical provider data errors that must be manually researched and corrected. This work is time-consuming and costly, often pulling your team away from other tasks.

    BASELoad provides auto adjudication solutions that can reduce medical provider data errors to as low as 1%. This radical improvement in adjudication creates a much more efficient process for payers. 

    Average mistakes on 837 claims/bills files

    Provider information on claims – missing or inaccurate30%
    NPI Type I Type II incorrect10%
    Missing phone numbers20%
    Missing fax numbers90%
    Undeliverable addresses7%
    Incorrect / Transposed Tax Identification numbers5%
    Incorrect facility / physician identifiers5%
    Newly introduce provider records22%
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    SureHit Batch

    We onboarded a new client who processed over 200,000 claims per month and had 80,000 of those going into a “Provider not found” queue. Our solution dropped that number from 80,000 to 1,000 in two days time.