Converting to a New Claims Payment System

The healthcare industry has always been a constantly changing, growing and evolving industry, a trend that is oh so familiar with healthcare payers especially. Each TPA, PPO, Health Plan, etc. operates differently and no two payers have the same business model. That is why it is so important for healthcare payers to select the right claims payment software for their daily operations. If a payer’s system doesn’t work well with their organization or business structure, it only seems reasonable to implement a new system that will. The decision to changes claims payment systems is an important one and should not be made without considering all aspects. Not only is it time consuming to learn a new system but making sure that all the data and claims history transfers correctly can be stressful.  

BASELoad has been helping healthcare payers with their provider data needs since 1999 and has developed the Provider Database Conversion service to help payers’ transition from one system to another as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Over the years, we have worked with and partnered with some of the best claims payment systems in the industry and are able to help adjust the provider load files into the correct format need to load into the new system. With this service, there is no stress of losing providers demographic information or claims history.

Also, during the Provider Database Conversion BASELoad can help make your provider database better than before with our cleanup utilities to inactive duplicate providers, fix/parse name fields, and offer address validation. Missing information such as NPI, Taxonomy, Phone/Fax, Medicaid, Medicare, or License numbers? BASELoad can help fill in those gaps, as well.

Finally, BASELoad can help keep your provider database cleanup and well maintained with our ongoing EDI Provider Matching service, SureHit. With a 98-99% provider matching accuracy, SureHit matched the incoming 837 claims/medical bills to the correct provider on the database. For the claims/medical bills that we don’t match, BASELoad will create a new, cleansed, and fulfilled provider load record to load into the new system so that claims/medical bills will match moving forward.

Converting to a new claims payment system can be stressful and arguably one of the biggest projects for a healthcare payer. But with the help of BASELoad, we are here to help make that transition smoother and easier – holding your hand every step of the way.

Is your current system not working the way you need it to or slowing you down? Need a change but not sure what you need or your options? As industry experts, partnered with multiple claims payment systems, we can help point you in the right direction and help make the process seamless. Contact us today at (704) 424-9889, by email at or visit our website at to see how we can best help!