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Medical Provider Database Clean-Up Service.

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Healthcare Payers rely on medical provider data. Having ready, clean, and complete data is critical for smooth operations in adjudication, IRS filings, and other applications as well. Disorganized and incomplete data create great cost. BASELoad works with clients daily to create custom solutions, as not all payers have the same provider database issues. Download this easy-to-read overview of how a clean-up could work for your organization.

Questions You Will Need to Be Able to Answer

  • How many records are on your provider database?
  • What claims system do you currently use?
  • Have you ever done a provider database clean up?
  • What are your provider database issues – duplicates, missing information, undeliverable addresses?

Questions We Can Help You Answer

  • What are your goals for a provider database cleanup?
  • What will be the quantifiable return on the investment?

A Trusted Partner

Here at BASELoad, we work with clients daily to create custom solutions for their medical provider data. We are THE innovators and leaders in medical provider data services. And we’ve been doing this now for over 20 years. We can help with these questions that payers face around medical provider data cleanup. That’s why we’ve created this document. We hope it provides you value, and please let us know if we can help with your situation.

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What to Expect: Cleanup Your Healthcare Provider Database


    Why BASELoad?

    Industry Leader

    BASELoad has been cleaning, validating, and fulfilling medical provider databases since 1999. We are the only business in the marketplace, to our knowledge, that focuses primarily on this specific service. We have set the standard for database cleanups for medical provider data.


    BASELoad is Soc2TypeII certified with 20 years of experience in cleaning and managing medical provider data for the healthcare industry. Our business success is predicated on our ability to handle sensitive information and on our policies and procedures to keep client’s information safe and secure.


    The entire BASELoad team is based in the United States and works from a single location. We do not have phone trees for customer processing, and we can be easily reached by phone or email during office hours. 24/7 technical support is also available.

    Value Add

    As well as cleaning up your medical provider data, BASELoad offers additional services in improving adjudication (with our SureHit program) and in IRS filings with our W-9 Corrections suite.