Please join us in celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

We could not have made it this far without the support or our Clients, Partners and Staff!


***A note from our President/CEO, Gerard Szatkowski

Wow!!  20 years helping clients achieve best in industry auto-adjudication rates.  I am so proud of my family, my staff, clients and vendor partners.  Who would have guessed that we would have processed over 100 million claims and millions of 1099 records?  I just want to thank everyone that has trusted BASELoad and W-9 Corrections to do our jobs honestly, efficiently and cost-effectively.  Here’s to 20 more years!!



The History of BASELoad and W9Corrections


In 1999 Bases Loaded was founded by Gerard Szatkowski and the name later was changed to BASELoad. The name Bases Loaded sounded too much like a baseball company which is arguably one of the furthest things from provider data.


During his time serving as the IT Director for a Florida TPA, Szatkowski constantly faced meetings surrounding Provider Data issues, such as bad, duplicate and missing information which were negatively affecting their adjudication rate and ultimately the bottom line. It was through this experience that he realized that the need for provider database cleanup services could play a crucial part of healthcare payers’ success in the ever changing and growing healthcare industry.


Being an IT and coding professional, personally knowing the pain of provider data issues, and the relationships he built with Eldorado (1 of the 5 claims payment systems BASELoad is proudly partnered with today), he created the Provider Databases Cleanup service. Through this service, provider records are fixed/parsed into their respective fields, address validated, and duplicate providers are inactivated, all while maintaining the integrity of the client’s claims history – nothing is ever deleted. Finally, utilities were put in place to fulfill any missing information such as, NPIs, taxonomy codes and specialty codes, Phone/Fax, License, Medicare and Medicaid numbers.


Once the Provider Database Cleanup services was completed, there needed to be a way to maintain the cleanliness of the database. This idea evolved into the EDI Provider Matching service, SureHit. This is an ongoing service that matches 837 claims/medical bills to the correct providers on the payers’ cleansed database. For any claim/medial bill that is not matched, a new cleansed and fulfilled providers load record is created to then be loaded onto the claims payment system. After years of perfecting, SureHit operates at a 98-99% matching accuracy.


In 2010 BASELoad saw the need for a complete 1099 outsourcing solutions and launched our daughter company, W-9 Corrections. This service validates and corrects the TIN/ Legal Name combination on the 1099 file using our internal database, comprised of roughly 3 million valid TIN/Legal Name combinations, as well as the IRS database. For any records we can’t correct, we proactively mail W-9s on our clients’ behalf. The service is maintained quarterly to avoid the end of the year rush. We are proud to say that we have never had a client receive a fine from the IRS.


BASELoad is continuing to grow and be an innovative force in the healthcare payer industry. We pride ourselves on our custom solutions, but most importantly our Clients and Partners.