Mphasis- Javelina and BASELoad solve a key Healthcare Industry Challenge through their Real-Time Integration for Provider Data Management  

Bengaluru, June 15, 2020

Mphasis (BSE: 526299; NSE: MPHASIS), an Information Technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, announces another pillar redefining healthcare operations via real-time access to essential data elements which drive lean claims operations. Javelina, Mphasis’ componentized benefits management platform, is known in the industry for its business configuration capabilities and its ready-made integrations with key industry ecosystem partners. Now, this differentiation is extended to include the real-time management of provider data – one of the industry’s largest pain points, via its extended partnership with BASELoad.

BASELoad’s real-time solution, SureHit Now, matches and corrects medical provider data as part of the Javelina adjudication process. Using a unique provider key, BASELoad’s provider matching process returns updated, validated and fulfilled provider information. This integration reduces errors and the duplication of provider records. Providers are added or updated using an automated process essentially guaranteeing that your provider database is always up to date.

Sally Else, President, Mphasis Javelina, said, “With BASELoad’s newest offering, we are confident that users will be able to enjoy a smoother, more seamless experience when implementing Javelina to meet their business requirements. Through the extension of this partnership, we hope to alleviate a critical pain point in healthcare management, that of real-time access to provider information, and thus improve overall service delivery.”

The Javelina SureHit Now solution is in use by the majority of Javelina customers, whether newly implementing Javelina or continuing to fine-tune their back-office operations. SureHit Now has been available in a production environment for over a year. Customers tout the ease of implementation as well as the significant time savings which result from its use.

Gerard Szatkowski, President and CEO, BASEload, said, “We are excited about our partnership with Mphasis and to extend our real-time information management solutions to healthcare payers. Virtually eliminating the “Provider Not Found” queue has afforded our clients tremendous savings on operating costs. We’ve been a long standing partner with Eldorado dating back to 1999.”

Customer testimonials tell the story:

“We have used Baseload SureHit Now with several of our Javelina clients and the implementation process has been extremely easy.  The provider files are the most difficult aspect of any system implementation, but the integration of Baseload Sure Hit Now into the Eldorado Javelina system has made this process seamless.  Easy setup, testing, and implementation.  It has served us well and very efficiently.”

“Engaging with Baseload on their SureHit product was one of the best decisions we made coming to Javelina.  It has saved our staff a significant amount of time that has been better used for training.”

Thomas D Cardwell, Director of Operations, Leading Edge Administrators, Inc summaries it well by saying: “Having real-time provider matching through SureHit Now has been amazing! Providers are added within seconds to my database on Javelina and we see far less returned checks in the mail. Eldorado and BASELoad have been fantastic teams to work with to make this possible!”


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About Baseload

For twenty years, BASELoad has provided innovative solutions in healthcare data matching and corrections. We are the inventor, the innovator, and the leader in custom solutions for healthcare provider database issues.  Our data is compiled from hundreds of sources and contains millions of clean records. Our systems are built on a proven weighted scoring method ensuring data accuracy. Both the data and the system are constantly updated for increased matching and correction performance. And best of all, our impeccable customer service guarantees a satisfied client every time.


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