Have too many duplicate providers in your database? Don’t know what provider to match the claim to? Tired of the returned mail? Having a hard time developing a solution to these questions?

BASELoad has the custom solutions you need!

SureHit, an EDI provider matching service, keeps claims from going to the provider not found queue, increases your auto-adjudication rate, and has a 98-99% provider matching accuracy. This means no more duplicate or missing information in your provider database. What makes this service even better, is it is a daily service. As long as you are receiving and entering claims, SureHit is matching providers and fulfilling missing information – keeping that database clean and pristine.

We know, it seems to good to be true!

To get started, clients send over their provider database and a plan is put in place to clean it up. A clean up is not always necessary to begin SureHit, but highly recommended. The clean up consist of name parsing, name and address normalization, address verification, and then we identify and flag duplicate providers and assign BLI keys. We also offer any fulfillment of missing information at that time. Learn more about the clean up services.

Immediately following the cleanup, we start SureHit. Again, this is a daily (or as needed) service, so when new claims come, they’re sent to BASELoad. We can also retrieve them from the clearinghouse and clean them up before they go to the claims/bill payer system. The details of the data retrieval are discussed during the signing of the contract.

Once BASELoad receives the data, the providers information is extracted and compared to our provider virtual network. The providers information is then matched to the copy of the client’s provider database that we house here at BASELoad. For any unmatched claims, BASELoad creates a new provider load record for the missing provider. This is stored on the copy of the client’s provider database so that it will be recognized the next time a claim comes in.  Additionally, if the new provider is missing any information, we can fulfill those fields.

Finally, once the file is cleansed and everything is matched, the file is securely sent to the client along with a report of how many providers were matched and added to the database.

The best part of the service, is the cost. This service is unlike anything you have experienced and was created here in the US. We have heard of companies creating “solutions” in house but in comparison, SureHit is faster, more reliable, and cost efficient. With BASELoad’s SureHit and other services, companies don’t have to invest long hours and money into developing a system that only resolves a fraction of the issues. It also eliminates staff from having to manually match and fix bad provider data, increases auto-adjudication rates, and decreases the amount of returned mail.

We know it can be a little scary (OK! A Lot Scary) sharing sensitive data like claims and provider databases, which is why all our services are completely secure. In addition to being Soc2Type2 certified, BASELoad goes above and beyond to make sure that your information is safe.

In need of a solution to maintain the cleanliness of your provider database, want to learn more about BASELoad’s other custom solutions and get a quote? Give us a call or email us at info@baseload.com, and don’t worry, a real person will assist you, not a machine.