Meet Jane.

She’s been the Chief Financial Officer at her company for years. Although she has the experience and knowledge, dealing with 1099’s has turned into a headache every year. There was  assistance coming from two different places and she was scrambling at the end of the year to get her files corrected. Mercifully, somebody told Jane about us. She signed up, handed over her 1099’s to us and hasn’t looked back since.

We invented a complete 1099 outsourced solution that takes the process out of Jane’s hands.

She sends us her 1099 file during the year and each quarter we process mock files. We “bump” her file against our own database, as well as the IRS, to determine the Tax ID/Name. For the non-deliverable addresses, we substitute a deliverable one where available. We send out the W-9’s on her behalf for remaining errors. She also gets a name report that shows what data came in correct and what we were able to fix. Finally, once she has submitted her 1099 to the IRS and receives her CP2100 report, W-9 Corrections is there to send out B and 2nd-B notices. To avoid IRS Fines, everything is date and time stamped to prove reasonable cause data.

Our proactive approach got rid of the headache and confusion she faced each year. Now, because of our quarterly mock files she no longer has a mad dash at the end of the year to get her files corrected. Most importantly she has the peace of mind knowing her file is processed correctly and she doesn’t have pages of fines to deal with.